El Proyecto del Cap 6 - Una visita a tu casa
Opcion 1: In groups of 2-3, you will give a tour of at least 4-5 rooms of your (or a friend’s) house. Be sure to speak only in Spanish and if you are working with a partner (or partners), each person much speak at least two complete sentences in order to receive credit. You should have two sentences about each room (i.e. En la cocina hay dos ventanas. OR En mi habitacion hay muchos libros). You should memorize your lines. Try to label each item that you are describing in Spanish so that we can see the word. You can use wordreference.com to look up new words. Make sure that Ms. Rodolico checks them first.

Opcion 2: You will make a Powerpoint using either pictures from your own house, or pictures that you find online. Choose 4-5 rooms and write at least two sentences about each room in Spanish. Your sentences should not be written on the Powerpoint and should be memorized.
Frases útiles (Useful phrases)
Bienvenidos a mi casa – Welcome to my house
Bienvenidos a la casa de - Welcome to ’s house
El primer (Segundo, tercero, cuarto, quinto) cuarto es – The first (second, third, fourth, fifth) room is…
El próximo cuarto es – The next room is…
En la sala (or other room), yo... - In the livingroom, I... (activity that you can do there)
La entrada – The entrance
El sótano – The basement
El lavabo – Powder Room
El lavadero – Laundry room
La oficina – office
Las fotografías - Photographs
El espejo – The mirror
La chiminea - Fireplace
La cama – The bed
La pintura – painting

Each group must either upload their video to YouTube and send to Ms. Rodolico at rodolicom@jwhallahan.com, email the video directly, or bring in a memory card or flashdrive that contains the video file.
¡Diviértense! (Have fun!)